Psyche Coaching Edinburgh

Training & Qualifications

  • MSc Childhood Studies

  • Breath Facilitator Training

  • Final (4th) Year Psyche Breath Coaching & Singer’s Psyche Training

  • Motivational Interviewing Training

  • Counselling Skills training

  • Leadership Embodiment training


I’m a Psyche Breath Coach and Singer’s Psyche Practitioner based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I welcome people of all ages and backgrounds, although I specialise in work with young adults.

I have been delivering therapeutic coaching and educational work for young people for more than 10 years. I have around 5 years’ training in breath and coaching work.

I am a singer-songwriter and am passionate about supporting others to express themselves creatively through voice work. I also have specialisms and training in supporting people around LGBTQI identities, healthy relationships and sexual health, self-harm reduction, self-care and career planning.

Psyche Coaching