Vocal Coaching

I offer vocal coaching that incorporates technical work covering a range of styles, but with a difference.

I have trained in a model called The Psyche Approach, which uses a range of tools to let you sing or speak in your most authentic voice, to feel calm and grounded in your performance and to use voice work as a supportive resource that can help you to feel good.

Alongside more 'traditional' voice work, I may also offer elements of cutting edge body work, breath work and psychological coaching within sessions - this is tailored to suit individual needs and goals.

Noble House

Who Can Benefit?

Vocal Coaching is for anyone who would like to get more out of their voice/vocal performance and may be of particular interest to people who:

  • Experience nerves or performance anxiety

  • Would like to improve their confidence around singing or public speaking

  • Would like to find their most authentic voice

  • Feel vocally tense, tired or stuck