Psychological Coaching

I can offer tailored psychological coaching as a stand-alone form of work for those who are not pursuing breath or vocal coaching.

Together, we will set goals around where you’d like to be and explore what’s been getting in the way up to now. This work is based on The Psyche Approach, which is focused on building a strong, trusting relationship between coach and client, and draws upon psychotherapeutic models, understanding of trauma and an awareness of the connection between psychology and the body.

I will work alongside you to support increasing awareness of who you are and how you got here, what works for you and what you’re ready to let go, and to build a set of resources that you can draw on when things get tough.

Psychological Coaching Edinburgh

Who Can Benefit?

This work is for anyone who would like to move towards their goals and to take time to reflect, and may be of particular interest to people who: 

  • Have experienced trauma

  • Find it difficult to prioritise self-care

  • Are struggling with communication & relationship building

  • Are questioning, exploring or developing their identity

  • Are feeling stuck or unsure of what to do next

This work is not medical treatment or a crisis service. Please contact your GP, or a service such as or if you feel unable to cope or at risk.