Psyche Breath Work

When we breathe fully, we not only have the chance to improve our physical health but also to let go of tension and emotions that we no longer need to hold. This encourages us to connect with our most up to date selves and make changes in our lives. The coach offers (optional) hands-on work and other tools to support a full and open breath.

Psyche Coaching Edinburgh

What happens in a session?

You will usually breathe lying down or seated and always fully clothed (please wear comfortable clothing).

After a short coaching session to help you set goals and learn breath techniques, you will breathe for up to an hour. I will tailor sessions to your needs, keep your story confidential and create a safe environment for you to do this work.

Psyche Coaching Edinburgh



Who Can benefit?

Everyone can benefit from conscious breath work. It can be particularly supportive for people who have:

  • Experienced trauma

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Feelings of anxiety

  • Creative blocks

  • 'Stuck’ emotions

  • Vocal difficulties